Since 1985 Truesports Car Company has been doing what it does best, providing exceptional and fully reconditioned European automobiles for people who can think. We are now affiliated with Quality Auto Outlet of Vista, Ca. that shares this same philosophy.
The Thinker, by August Rodin, has been chosen as the symbol of this web site because he depicts the homo-sapien in deep thought. This is something that our species seldom does when purchasing motor vehicles. Most decisions regarding automobile purchasing are emotional and are NOT rational.
Karnutz Thinker

Our philosophy is all very simple. Since depreciation and finance charges are the most costly items related to vehicle ownership, we specialize in mostly depreciated high quality European automobiles.

We believe in the preservation of your capital.

We believe that most people who purchase or lease newer vehicles have perpetual payments, are seldom satisfied and no longer want the vehicle they have to pay for. We also know that they will have little or no equity, if any, once the last payment is made.

We believe that your vehicle should become an asset and not a constant liability. The bank, leasing company or newer car dealer is no friend of yours when they offer you low interest financing with little or no money down to induce you to purchase a rapidly depreciating asset. Newer car ownership becomes a life long trap that very few people ever figure out. We believe that impulse car buying has zapped more of your disposable income and has destroyed economically more individuals and families than any other item in the budget.

We believe that a car payment is nothing more than a future claim on your happiness, your freedom and your well being. You can own a mostly depreciated, high quality automobile for less money than any of the perpetual payment programs offered by any bank, leasing company, newer car franchise or automobile manufacturer. Get off and stay off the perpetual payment syndrome affiliated with new car ownership. We can help you do this. When you OWN the vehicle of your choice, it feels so good, so JUST DO IT.

We believe that SAFETY should be your number one consideration, followed by dependability and economy in that order. Almost everyone has those considerations backwards. Number two and three do not matter if you are seriously injured in an automobile accident or are six feet under.

We believe that an original never wrecked, never smoked in, properly maintained, well cared for automobile that came from a GOOD home is more desirable than a low mileage vehicle. We believe that if you are guilty of chasing odometers you are foolish. We believe that the mileage that is currently on a vehicle is NOT as important as the number of miles LEFT on the vehicle. Perhaps you have never thought that it's the number of miles that is still left on the vehicle that is what you are purchasing.

We believe that certain European automobiles are designed and built better, are SAFER and are more enjoyable to drive but most of all, they WILL withstand the test of time. We believe that if you are a rational person and have the patience to read each and every page of this website we can help you.

You see, IT'S ALL VERY SIMPLE and it's all up to you. If any of this makes sense to you, we are available, for all of your automobile needs whenever you are ready. Thank you and go SAFELY. David Trueman (760) 738-2001